The Human Element of Cyber





Building Resilience through the Avalanches of Leadership

       (During a week in the Alps)

Are looking for something a little different in building your own performance or that of your teams then this could be for you. We are taking a group of individuals to the Alps to have a week where you are tested psychologically, physically and emotionally. This course will provide you and your team (if applicable) the platform for not only improving your skiing, but also improve your confidence. Enabling you to develop effective leadership strategies and increase collaboration, as well as providing you with the tools to be able to literally reach and navigate new heights.

Based on emotional Intelligence (EI) and LIFO (behaviour - Life Orientations) you will gain an insight to the way you and others think, feel and communicate and what might be stopping your effectiveness or development.

Ideally you will have had at least 3 weeks skiing although we are considering opening up a separate week for first time skiers so please drop me a line - More information.


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