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Music Group and Ambition2....

The Music Group Research Ltd was referred to us by Worcestershire Business Central.  After consultation with company management and staff we learned of a recent international takeover.  This resulted in issues around communication both internally and with colleagues overseas.

After diagnostic work it was decided to provide bespoke, work-based learning in Business Improvement Techniques, held at the company offices.  The aim was to encourage a more inter-active working environment after a major transition phase, which took a small ‘boutique’ entity into a small cog in a very large wheel.

There are four members of our team undertaking this work and we are experts in designing bespoke material for the workplace, helping companies to improve their business, increase staff retention and sustain return on investment.

The challenge for us, in this case, was to unpick staff dissatisfaction, encourage ownership of the working environment, increase confidence and inter-department communication and as a consequence increase productivity.  Evaluation of progress took place throughout.

29 learners, all employees, commenced the programme.  25 successfully completed the programme and all have gained an ILM qualification.  The 25 learners have clearly enjoyed the experience and increased confidence is evident.  Communication between departments has increased and this was achieved in part by a project within the learning.  Learners were split into groups, each made up of members from different departments.

There were 6 project groups and the outcome required for each project was to be a benefit to the company resulting in sustainability and consultation with managers was encouraged.  Learners began to fully understand all the roles within the company, their importance and how they interlinked with each other.

The projects were a great success.  For example, one team, made up of four different cultures, worked together to develop a streamlined communications system which produced a company saving of 780 working hours and in excess of £10,000 per annum.  Management were impressed and the system was implemented immediately.

‘Graduation’ took place in September and culture change within the workforce was clear and extremely rewarding.  We now have an opportunity to continue working with this company to further increase staff development.

– October 2015