Iain Francis

Iain has a sound understanding of individual and team behavioural styles and their impact on customer service, organisational change and teamwork and has steered a strong reputation for soft skills training and facilitation across sectors include Manufacturing, Transport (Rail and Road), Utilities (Water), Hospitality, Financial Services, Housing and Local Government

Combining a hands-on approach to training with staff at all levels Iain uses a lively and inclusive training style, with robust and rigorous training.

Many of his successes have come from his ability to translate management expectations into understandable, plain speaking. He uses graphics creatively and experiential learning to accelerate success for a host of programmes including Developing Team Competence, Coaching Skills, Team Development, Leadership, Train the Trainer, Customer Service, Performance Management, Behavioural Change, Negotiation Skills and Powerful Presentations

Identifying areas of development in individuals and working with them on a one to one basis has produced tangible benefits to many organisations to include building better relationships for effective customer service and teamwork, more succinct report writing, conflict resolution, time-management and dealing with personal stress